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Paul & Susan


What does “Park La Fun” mean?

“Park La Fun” is an anagram of “Paul Frank”. To find a fun anagram of your own name, go HERE.

Do you have a catalog?

We do not currently offer a catalogue however you may view our available inventory online. Please sign up for our newsletter and we will keep you up to date on all of our new products as they become available!

Help! There is smudge on my handbag! Can I get the stain out?

Our products are made with high-quality Naugahyde vinyl that has a protective Advanced BeautyGard protective finish. Most light stains can be removed easily with a soft damp cloth and some mild soap. For more care instructions on stubborn stains, you can read more in-depth cleaning instructions HERE.

What is Naugahyde vinyl?

Since 1994, Paul has been a firm believer in Naugahyde vinyl. There are many types of vinyl but the reason why Paul believes in Naugahyde is due to its superb quality. It’s a little pricier than other types of widely used vinyl but its quality is incomparable. Naugahyde is also antibacterial—meaning agents in Naugahyde formulas control both bacteria and fungus. That’s why it is widely used in medical examination rooms as well as other equipment like John Deere tractor seats, golf carts, and snowmobiles. Naugahyde vinyl is known as “The Cruelty Free Fabric”, as it may look like soft leather but does not come from any animals.

Is Naugahyde vinyl “green”?

Naugahyde vinyl is made of environmentally friendly materials that do not use any solvent chemicals (VOCs) or ozone depleting chemicals (ODCs) in its topcoat technology.